Sunday meetings. Our church has three Sunday meetings per month from 4.00 to 5.45pm. On the fourth weekend there is usually some other activities. Sunday meeting is a modern worship meeting, which includes worship songs led by the band, sermon (relevant topics related with the Bible), and prayer ministry.

Children’s program is always available for 1-12 year olds. 1-3 year old kids are in child care and 4-12 year old kids have teaching and play time.

Home Groups. Home groups are meetings in the homes of the local meeting attendees. These groups usually consist of around 5-10 people, who meet weekly or every other week. Home groups are the foundation of our church, because there you can get to know other people, learn about Jesus through Bible study, and pray for the people in your group. Usually the gatherings start with supper, followed by worship, prayer and discussion. Home Groups are open to all of the Sunday meeting attendees who are looking for a home church, and pondering whether the Vineyard to be such.

Youth (12/13-18v). Helsinki Vineyard youth assembles every other week with Vineyard Uusimaa youngsters.

Evangelism. Evangelism means Jesus telling those who do not yet believe in Him. We offer Alpha evenings for those who are interested about the basics of Christian faith. It includes a free dinner, a presentation and discussion groups. Healing on the Streets is a street activity, through which we tell about Jesus by praying for healing and blessing.

Healing. At the end of Sunday meetings we pray for the people who have complicated situations in life or desire healing. We also offer support and healing groups like Joyrney of Grace and In the Beginning! for those who are seeking wholeness in their masculinity, femininity, human relationships or sexual areas.

Missions. Vineyard is a church planting, because the new Christians need a spiritual home. Our church gives 10% of the annual income for missions outside of Finland. We have founded Vineyard Uusimaa church in Central Uusimaa region in 2010. Tampere Vineyard started in 2017. Our vision is to plant new churches all around Finland.